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Kalari Training

MEITHARI :- Meithari is the beginning stage with rigorous body sequences involving leg exercises, twists,stances and complex jumps and turns. Ashta Vadivukal (eight animal postures), twelve Meyppayattu exercises for neuro-muscular coordination, balance and flexibility follow the basic postures of the body. Kalarippayattu originates not in aggression but in the disciplining of the self. Therefore the training begins with disciplining the physical body and attaining a mental balance.

KOLTHARI:- Once the students become physically competent, they are introduced to fighting with long wooden weapons. The first weapon taught is the long stick (Kettukari).The second weapon taught is the three span staff (Cheruvadi). The third weapon taught is the curved wooden stick (Otta). it resembles the trunk of an elephant and  is a very important weapon in kalari. The tip is rounded and is used to strike the vital spots in the opponent’s body. Otta training consists of 18 sequences.

ANKATHARI:- Ankathari starting with metal weapons, which require superior concentration due to their lethal nature. The first metal weapon taught is the Kattarra, a metal dagger with a curved blade. Taught next are the sword and shield (Pulianka payyatt) subsequent weapons include the spear, (Kuntham) sword and shield Vs spear (Marapidicha kuntham) is fight between two persons with different weapons. Usually the last weapon taught is the flexible sword (Urumi or Chuttuval), an extremely dangerous weapon taught only to the most skillful students.

VERUMKAI:- Only after achieving mastery with all the weapon forms is the practitioner taught to defend themselves with bare-handed techniques. These include arm locks, grappling, and strikes to the pressure points (marma). This is considered the most advanced martial skill and the Gurukkal restricts knowledge of marma only to very few trusted students.

Kettukari (12 span staff)
Is a moderately thick and resilient stick of cane,12 span in length. Blows to various parts of the body are dealt and parried with this weapon. Both ends are deftly used for this purpose. Practice with the Kettukari eventually makes it easier to handle the spear.
Cheruvadi (3 span stuff)
Is a strong and stout stick of 3 span in length. Blows are dealt and parried in rapid succession, some times as fast as 100 blows a minute . The stick is used for both offence and defence.

Otta (Curved Staff)
Is a peculiarly curved wooden weapon with a handle at one end and tapering to a bud at the other end. More than a weapon ,it is a tool for higher training in Kalarippayattu. Various cuts, thrusts and locks are employed and the thrusts are aimed at the vital spots on the body. The Otta has 18 sequences in its application. Flexibility suppleness, stamina, alertness and great skill are necessary for using the Otta. When one has mastered the practice with Otta, he becomes a master in unarmed combat. Slithing like a snake or leaping like a leopard, he can defend himself or disarm, disable and even kill his enemy with bare hands.

Kattarra (Dagger)
Great skill alertness and quickness of movement are necessary for using this weapon. The fight is at close quarter. Handling this without concentration could lead to serious hurt.

The spear is a long weapon one end of which is fixed with a pointed metallic tip. Several kinds of locks are made with it and they are parried and returned with the spear itself.

Sword & Shield (Puliyankam)
The use of the sword is considered to be the peak of perfection in Kalarippayattu.Sword is a weapon of offence and defence.An extra ordinary control over the body ,agility,a quick eye and a lot of presenceof mind are necessary for the mastery of sword fight.

The Gada is a weapon made of certain types of wood, it has a globe-shaped head and a long rounded wooden handle .While attacking with the Gada, the handle is held by both hands and when defending the blows, the Gada is held by the right hand, left hand is moved a little forward, holding the Gada by it in the middle. Gigantic muscularity is required for this training

Marapidicha kuntham(Spear Vs Sword and Shield)
Two different types of weapons needs different skills and techniques to handle. This is a duel between swordsman and a man armed with spear demanding distinct skills depending on the weapon handled by each. This fight is very difficult to learn and thrilling to watch.

Kathiyum Thalyum (Cloth and knife).
This is clash between two persons-one with a knife and the other only with a two meter long cloth, the attack is quick and deadly and defence is calm .This is most dangerous to practice and blood-curdling to watch.

Urumi (Long and flexible sword).
Great skill is needed for handling urumi and it is most effective when the enemies are many and well armed. It is a lethal weapon and demonstration of this is mind boggling. Urumi can be worn around the waist like a belt.