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Kalari Treatment

Whole body massage (Uzhichil), foot massage (Chavitti Uzhichil), a very specialized kind of treatment only found in Kalari Chikitsa(treatment).This rejuvenate and stimulate the mind and body intensively. Skin, blood and lymphatic system are vitalized,revival of cells and blood circulation are also an advantage of this treatment. It is advisable to follow massage for 7,14 or 21days treatment at a stretch. Marma chikitsa, is a treatment of the damages on vital parts of Marma. Marmas are nerve centers in the body. There are 107 nerve centers.64 such centers are fatal if injured. Based on this theory a system of medicine called marma chikitsa is prevailing. After studying the nature of sickness Gurukkal uses medicated oils. Pastes etc. externally and prepares Ayur Veda medicines to be given internally, enlightened with the true knowledge of Ashtangahridaya, Sahasrayoga and palm leaf manuscripts. Various kizhi treatments for different diseases, broken bones, muscular injuries,dislocation, sprain and joint pains are treated with precision in our kalari treatment. The team is also qualified in curing arthritis, spondilytis, lumbago and rheumatic diseases.